Web Design


The Jupiter Hotel is a well-known hotel in Portland, Oregon that needed a new website to increase room reservations, especially on mobile devices, and to clearly differentiate their two hotels, The Next and The Original. Additionally, the hotel features two bars/venues directly on the property, Doug Fir and Hey Love, making The Jupiter a unique and sought-after destination for travelers.

During the Research & Discovery phase, we worked closely with the client to determine the desired moodboard, color palette, typefaces, and overall look and feel of the website. This phase also included identifying key features and functionalities that would help increase room reservations and make the website more user-friendly, especially on mobile devices.

In the Architecture & Visual Design phase, we created a sitemap, page manifests, and lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes to ensure that the website structure and design would effectively meet the client's goals. This phase also included incorporating design elements that would clearly differentiate The Next and The Original hotels and prominently feature Doug Fir and Hey Love as key selling points.

During the Web Development phase, we built the website using Webflow, an all-in-one web design platform that allowed for seamless integration of design and development.


The redesigned Jupiter Hotel website was a success, achieving the client's goals of increasing room reservations and differentiating the two hotels. The new website was highly responsive, with a mobile-first design approach that made it easy to navigate and book rooms on any device. The website's prominent feature of Doug Fir and Hey Love helped to showcase the unique offerings of The Jupiter, and the clear differentiation between The Next and The Original hotels made it easier for users to understand the different options available to them.

The redesign of the Jupiter Hotel website using Webflow was a success, resulting in a highly responsive, visually appealing website that effectively met the client's goals of increasing room reservations and differentiating their two hotels. The website's mobile-first design approach and clear differentiation between the hotels and venues on the property made it easy for users to understand and navigate the site, resulting in a positive user experience and increased bookings for the hotel. 


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