Shopify Website Redesign


Olympia Provisions is an award-winning, Portland-based company that offers high-quality charcuterie. Their approach is rooted in purity, patience, and in the respect of the traditional technique. They are Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria! Their charcuterie is handmade and affordable. Olympia Provisions sells online, at their restaurant and via a subscription model. Even though the company is rooted in Portland, their brand is well-known beyond the PNW.

Goal // Olympia Provisions was struggling with an outdated, messy and hard to navigate website. They needed a full redesign that reflected their personality, passion and the quality of their products.

Together, we worked on a new sitemap that was much simplier and made it easy for users to find the information they need and make a purchase in less than 3 clicks. From their, we worked on a new content outline for each page and started wireframing. From lo-fi to hi-fi, we worked side-by-side with the client to design the website they've already dreamed of.

As part of this project, we also did a slight branding refresh by picking up a new set of typefaces and slightly updating the color palette.

The website was then entirely built in Shopify. We started by picking a paid theme that would allow us to do lots of customizations and had efficient page speed. Our developer built all pages and transformed the original theme to match the wireframes and make Olympia Provision's site unique.


Conceptual Statement
The Olympia Provisions website should feel clean, modern, and friendly. The overall look should be joyful and confident, allowing the focus to fall on product images and brand visuals. The website should make visitors feel welcomed, educated, inspired, and empowered to purchase OP’s products. The user experience should be as simple as possible, creating a sense of ease in buying quality charcuterie products online, with a goal of transforming them into brand evangelists and loyal customers.

Our team accomplished their mission to elevate Olympia Provisions' online presence by building a website that reflects their brand and the quality of their products.


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