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Olympia Provisions is a Portland-based company that offers high-quality charcuterie. Their approach is rooted in purity, patience, and in the respect of the traditional technique. They are Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria! Their charcuterie is handmade and affordable. Olympia Provisions sells online, at their restaurant and via a subscription model. Even though the company is rooted in Portland, their brand is well-known beyond the PNW.



Olympia Provisions was struggling to use their previous template as it was entirely made from custom assets (uploaded as images). It wasn't responsive and it required a ton of pre-production work before sending a campaign. Thus, it was important that their new template was responsive, editable, and still attractive. We wanted to create sections that the team at OP could choose from directly in Klaviyo, and make it easy to update their content. Lastly, our strategy was to keep their emails as consistent as possible to increase brand awareness and increase conversion.

This email template was designed in Figma and built-in Klaviyo.


We wanted the new Olympia Provisions template to feel dynamic, modern, and fresh! The creative direction was to use bold colors, custom fonts when necessary, delicous food images, and a few custom assets (without only relying on them!).



The client was psyched about their new template and started to use it right away. We put together a Photoshop file containing all the custom assets the template uses so that it's easy for the client to make any updates. As part of our email marketing efforts, we also updated all their email automation with the new design. We wanted for OP to have a cohesive marketing strategy and a consistent look & feel.


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