Maser Films

Design treatments for new US Bank, United Way and Keen movie projects.


Maser Films


Design Treatment for Keen, United Way and US Bank

Maser Films is a movie production company run by Andy Maser. They specialize in producing story-driven cinematic commercials, documentaries, and branded films. Everytime a new movie project pops up, Andy has to sell his vision to the brand he plans on working with. To do so, it is very common in the movie industry to create design treatments. You can see it as a deck that will describe what direction the movie director will take. 

Andy hired me for three projects: US Bank, United Way and Keen

The work was mainly focused on finding the right images to illustrate the ideas expressed in the text, laying out the text and images, playing with typographies and using the white space wisely. It was also important for me to educate myself around the movie industry and learn about the standards when designing design treatments. These three projects had extremely short deadlines: 3 days max to get everything done! 

These three projects were a success and Andy got to work with these major brands.


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