Shopify Website 


Hydratis is a startup that officially started their journey in early 2020. Their promise is to solve common hydration challenges with the help of minerals and trace elements. When Founders Jeremy and Theo came to me, they already had a website hosted on Shopify. The goal was to reimagine their website with a brand new design and content. The project encompassed the full web redesign, Photoshop renderings, Google Map integration, and product management.



Hydratis needed to revisit their website design to bring a new and modern look to their digital presence. Together, we worked on content hierarchy and a new sitemap. The website needed to be easy to navigate for all consumers, including non-power-users. Information needed to be clearly laid out and easy to find. My work also included a couple of product mockups and science graphs.

This website was designed in Figma and developed in Shopify.


I wanted the website to reflect the bright and vibrant vibe of a startup. This is why I focused on product-based businesses of a similar size. Most used  Shopify which made it easier for me to create similar layouts. It was also important for the website to feel serious and resourceful as it is used by French health institutions as well.



The website launched in November 2020. The user experience has been considerably improved and look & feel elevated. The mobile experience is polished and the client was pleased with the results and immediately started to add additional pieces of content. Hydratis keeps growing rapidly in part thanks to a website that converts users.


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