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Figure Plant is part design lab, part engineering studio, and part fabrication shop. They specializes in transforming clients' creative challenges into beautiful solutions. With expertise ranging from seeding kits to festival environments, experiential installations to hospitality, retail, and work spaces, Figure Plant has built a reputation for delivering diverse projects that "touch the heart, lift the soul, or put a little fire under it". In line with their commitment to innovation, Figure Plant embarked on a web design project to showcase their portfolio, attract new clients, and elevate their online presence.

Figure Plant recognized the need for a modern and visually captivating website that would accurately represent their brand and showcase their extensive range of projects. The objectives for the web design project were twofold: to create a user-friendly platform for users to explore Figure Plant's work, and to establish an online presence that reflected their creativity, attention to detail, and unique approach to each project.

We kicked off this project with the Research & Discovery phase. We examined the target audience, analyzing their preferences, needs, and behaviors. Competitor analysis was conducted to identify industry trends and benchmark against other fabrication shops. In addition, a mood board was created to align on a creative direction.

Armed with the insights from the research phase, We moved on to the Architecture and Visual Design phase. Lo-fi wireframes were created using Figma, allowing the team to visualize the layout and structure of the website. The wireframes served as a foundation for establishing an intuitive information hierarchy and ensuring a seamless user experience. 

With the Architecture and Visual Design in place, the Web Development phase commenced. We used Webflow, a powerful web design and development platform, to bring the website to life. The responsive website was built with attention to detail and functionality, ensuring optimal performance across different devices and screen sizes. 


Results and Impact
The positive impact of the web design project extended beyond quantitative metrics. Feedback from clients and stakeholders highlighted the exceptional user experience, intuitive navigation, and visually stunning design of the website. Clients expressed their appreciation for the seamless access to information and the ability to easily connect with the team. The website successfully conveyed Figure Plant's unique approach and creative philosophy, fostering trust and confidence among existing and prospective clients.

The redesign project of the Figure Plant website has successfully achieved its objectives of creating an engaging online platform that accurately represents the company's brand and showcases their diverse portfolio. Through meticulous research, thoughtful design, and skilled web development, Figure Plant now has a website that not only captures the essence of their creative solutions but also provides an exceptional user experience.


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