Tangible is Vancouver based art and design studio dedicated to creating experiences and products that connect and inspire people.




Website re-design

It was at the beginning of 2018 that I decided to pack my bags from Europe to go live in Vancouver, BC for a little while. There, I started to network and met few inspiring designers and art directors. One afternoon, I ended up in Alex Beim' offices where I was hired for a two months freelance project: the re-design of their website. 

Tangible Interaction is an art and design studio not far from downtown Vancouver. During these two months, I worked on-site and got to learn more about the team and what they were doing. It was inspiring to be immersed in such a creative environment and was absolutely a benefit to accomplish my web-design project successfully.  I redesigned their corporate website using Tangible’s existing CMS. Alex had a vision for an asymmetrical website that I brought to life. Tangible’s creative direction relies heavily on illuminating darkness, which I reflected in the website by leveraging a stark black background, contrasted with bold colors and photos.


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