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Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. Leo Burnett
An Artist is an Explorer. Henri Matisse

About Me

A few lines about me…
I am an ambitious professional who works hard to make things happen. I am always ready to accept new challenges and opportunities to use all my skills in new and creative ways to make a difference, achieve results and exceed expectations.

My History

Borned in a small French village, I decided in 2011 to move to South of France to learn Communications and Marketing. I arrived in Montpellier, a small cosmopolitan city. I was always attracted by art in all its form. I wanted to develop my communication and marketing skills in a creative way. I personally think that a good brand strategy is a good image, a good visual.
Because I love traveling, I love discovering new cultures and new lifestyles, I decided to move to San Francisco in April 2016 for 5 months and work for an ethnic media agency. I learned a lot about the media world, the american culture and I continued to develop my creativity.
I’m currently working in the marketing and communications team of a company located in Portland, Oregon named Plus QA.
Why this website ?
Because I want to show the world my skills and my creations and this is the best way to do it.

My skills

I developed all this skills thanks to my studies, my professional experience and my curiosity.
Graphic Design
Web Content Strategy
Newsletter Campaign (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor)


BILAN – 1 mois à San Francisco

BILAN – 1 mois à San Francisco

11 mai 2016

Coucou ! Je reviens après un très long moment d'absence pour vous faire un petit bilan de mon p ...

First week in San Francisco

14 avril 2016

[Cet article a été écrit il y a quelques jours mais je n'ai trouvé le temps de le publier qu'auj ...

First week in San Francisco
Un CV qui claque avec Canva !

Un CV qui claque avec Canva !

30 mai 2016

Hello vous ! Si vous êtes en recherche d'emploi, si vous voulez simplement mettre à jour votre ...


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Lucie Courtès – Marketing & Communication Freelance
Currently in France (Paris & Montpellier)
PHONE: +33 6 83 91 36 67